Sigfox Single Sensor

Sigfox Single Sensor

 Sensoneo Single Sensor is an enterprise class device monitoring fill-level of various types of containers. It uses single ultrasonic beam with measurement up to the depth of 170 – 255 cm.

Single Sensor is recommended for all bin types and may operate fully independent in LoRa,  SigFox networks or in the GSM MESH mode as a slave to Double Sensor or to Solar powered Master. The sensor provides tilt alarm and temperature measurement. The sensor is powered by replaceable batteries which frequently inform the operator about their capacity.

Sensors are quickly configurable via Cloud-based Smart Waste Management System application and the received data are analyzed and  via excellent Dashboard which includes maps, tables, graphs, data exports and fully automated planning of the collection routes.  The gathered data from sensors are presented also via Sensoneo Smart Analytics which provides complex analytical views needed for decision making in terms of planning and managing the capacity of the containers.



  • Type:Single Sensor SIGFOX
  • Production code:SS SIGFOX
  • Distance measurement:Yes. Single ultrasonic beam, 30° angle
  • Minimum distance:15 cm
  • Maximum distance:255 cm/high reflective commodities :170 cm/other commodities
  • Measurement callculation:Multimeasurement with weight approximation
  • Temperature measurement:Yes. Microcontroller termostate
  • Overturn measurement:Yes. Mechanical type.
  • Weight batteries included:215 g
  • Weight battery excluded:165 g
  • Size (h/w/d):50 mm/120 mm/54 mm
  • Mounting options:Screws / Clench / Rails
  • Power supply:up to 7 years*
  • Batteries voltage and capacity:3,6V, 2600 mAh
  • Batteries type:Lithium-thionyl chloride – Li-SOCl2
  • Battery replaceable:Yes, 2 batteries type LS14500 (2 x 20 grams)
  • Temperature range:– 30°C to +70°C
  • Master device compatibility:NA
  • Networks supported:SIGFOX
  • Downlink configuration:YES
  • Measurement times:6 times a day
  • Bins supported:All types of bins
  • Turn on mechanism:Magnetic
  • Cover:Recyclable, polyamide with optical fibers
  • Casing:IP67
  • Humidity level:0 – 100

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