Radio modem counting and monitoring ATEX ACW-MR2Ex

Counting / monitoring states via the Sigfox or LoRaWan network or with the modbus protocol in local mode

This is the ideal product to supervise the state of an equipment (start – stop) or to be notified in case of a problem.

It also can report a water, gas, electricity counter index (pulse).

Compared to the actual technologies, the ACW-MR2Ex connects to the new Sigfox and LoRaWan network, that allows to have a very good range and a excellent obstruction penetration. It is multi-purposed with its Master or Slave Modbus function.  The configuration is done by USB


The ACW-MR2Ex allows you to report two digital inputs towards a web platform and to remote-read the metering informations from a water and electrical counter done on a regular basis (configurable reports time). This product is certified according to ATEX standards.

Strong points :

  • Breakthrough technology : connected to the Sigfox network or in local (Modbus Slave or Master)
  • Excellent radio performances, internal antenna
  • Easy to test by pressing the button on the front
  • Access to the Atim Cloud Wireless platform
  • Low cost, low power
  • Easy to use, Quick start
  • ATEX standards certification

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