PTL-LAB-41NS Indoor Comfort and Occupancy Sensor

This Senlab O™ is a smart wireless module, featuring the LoRaWAN™ connectivity protocol.

4 functionnalitues “All In One” transmission: This device is designed to log temperature, relative humidity of the air, luminosity and presence. 

This Senlab offers the best in class features as:

  • Battery life time up to 10 years
  • Rich data content, allows Edge Analytics
  • Long-range radio performances
  • Advanced set of functionalities (see back page)

Typical Applications:

  • Occupancy rates and alerts
  • Workspace optimization
  • Smart space management : meeting rooms/flex offices reservation system
  • Energy efficiency: Light and HVAC monitoring when a meeting room, an office, a phone box… is empty
  • Comfort Optimization: HVAC monitoring

Advanced Technical Features:

  • Plug & Play installation
  • Product fixing with double sided tape or screw mounting
  • Long term measure stability (<0,02°C/Yr and <0,25%RH/Yr- no need for calibration)
  • Activation with magnet(LED feedback)
  • High configurability of event detection and transmission
  • Temperature precision of +/-0.3°C range [0;+55°C]
  • Humidity precision of +/-2%RH range [+10;+55°C]
  • Luminosity range from a few Lux up to 60K Lux
  • Light source type variations detection
  • Presence detection range 3.5m minimum and wide detection angles (121°H / 77°V)
  • Temperature High and Low threshold overrun configuration
  • Log and transmit mode for battery lifetime enhancement (up to 12 compressed logs per transmission)
  • Reconfiguration possible over the air
  • Network configuration
  • LoRaWAN parameters (OTAA or ABP activation mode, initial datarate,…)
  • Encryption keys customizable by client
  • Standard LoRaWAN retries support
  • Radio collisions avoidance by pseudo-randomization of transmissions
  • Advanced transmission reliability mechanisms (redundancy of data, recovery of lost messages, …)

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