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Soroush consulting is a  Value Added  Reseller in Middle East and Central Asia. Our worldwide presence  helps us building strong  connection with global solution providers and deploying them to the region.  The portfolio includes solutions related to the connectivity , Platform and end user application

Professional Services

 Soroush Consulting offers Professional Services  to integrator, value added resselers or end client . These services are included  to ensure the success of our partners through  local or international resources . These services include  Assessment, Solution Design, Project Management, Implementation. Maintenance  & Training.


Soroush Consulting facilitates the engagements and the partnership between International and local companies. The deep knowledge of the ecosystem, the culture, the extensive network of professionals and investors along with the experience of our team in doing projects in Europe, Middle East and central Asia ,allows us to identify and qualify opportunities, enact the go-to-market and to accelerate the success. 


Smart Metering

Smart Metering offers consumers, suppliers, network operators, generators and regulators a wide range of useful tools and services enabling ultimately a smarter energy world. 

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Smart Water Management

The potential application of smart systems in water management is wide and includes solutions for water quality, water quantity, efficient irrigation, leaks detection, pressure and flow balancing, floods warning, droughts planning and much more. 

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Smart City

  A smart city uses different types of data (supplied by citizens, sensors and assets) to manage traffic and transportation systems, power plants, water supply networks, waste management, law enforcement, information systems, schools, libraries, hospitals, and other community services more efficiently.

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Smart Waste Management

A smart waste management system reduces the amount of time and energy required to provide waste management services.

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Smart Parking

Smart Parking combines technology and  law enforcement to use as few resources as possible( fuel, time and space) to achieve faster, easier and denser parking of vehicles for the majority of time they remain idle.

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Smart Liquid Storage Monitoring

Facilitates management of  tanks storing liquids ( Water, gas, oil,etc) for making better decisions.

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Cusomized IoT Device Development

Development of new devices for sensing, acting or connecting things to algorithms

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